Francisco Lacerda (Monet on back!)
Francisco Lacerda, a Portuguese artist, started painting in 2005. He creates art to reflect on the relationship between color, science, nature and art. Landscapes, photographs (and/or works by other artists), psychoanalysis, neuroscience, as well as personal thoughts, dilemmas, dreams and memories inspire his art.
"Just as we like to see nature, it is up to us to protect it. Science is the only area of research that has been questioning the wrong decisions of human beings since the 20th century.  We must study our relationship with nature and with others. Through color, we can understand ourselves and other human beings.”

We all see colors differently. We think differently. Our eyes have a unique way of defining colors, even if we think we can see the same colors as other people. For centuries, philosophers, artists, scientists, and writers, have tried to understand the connection between colors, light and space. And now, artificial intelligence is being programmed to perform the same investigation.

Why do we all love the sun, the blue sky, sunset or sunshine? Why do some people hate pink, and others love green or orange? Is it possible that the reason why we hate and love colors is connected to the way we see colors differently and the different ways we experience them? Is it possible to hate works of art only because of the colors and the negative experience we have? If yes, why?! If light changes the way we see colors, how does space also change our perceptions? We are now creating machines capable of seeing and understanding colors, space, art, life. How will artificial intelligence enter the world of art in the future?

What happens when we create art with machines? What happens when we create AI to make art? What happens when super intelligent machines, also capable curiosity, exploration, and investigation and learning, create art? How understandable will that are be for humans? Will it be considered art?"