“Welcome to the new Age. The Age of Diamonds, a new age confirms that we are heading to a world where people will start investing in diamonds as safe investment and not gold. Not because gold will disappear, but just because diamonds will start being more used for different proposes. With the emerging middle class around the world, specially from China, India, South América and Africa, there´s no doubt that people will start to look and afford this raw and polished material. Diamond such as other raw precious materials, will be the solution for the money printing world bank society. Money is virtual and will not substitute the tangible value of this material. Diamond can be trade everywhere and it is beautiful. Fake or not, Natural or Synthetic, it gives a sparkling and shine to our lives. Am I right? Not sure, but it is my opinion…

This artwork was made when I saw images of the Crystal Dom, in Swarovski Museum in Austria. It is amazing project, based in Science theory of Geodesy (Crystal Dome was modeled after Sir Richard Buckminster Fuller's (1895–1983) geodesic dome, whose architectural design perfectly reflects the principle of geodesy. Geodesy is the scientific discipline devoted to geographical measurement and representation of the Earth; in mathematics, it designates the shortest path between two points on a curved surface)

It took me around one year to produce this work. Not because it was big or difficult to paint, but because in needed to find the correct colours mixing. Also, this work has zero projection, with was made all with geometry calculation. I divided the canvas, and photo in small squares and I connected the mirrors. It is much more original for me to create in that way.“ Francisco Lacerda

Age of Diamonds I, 2012